1.Medical/Pharmaceutical Antimicrobial water, Antifungal cream, Atopi cure ointment, Dressing for wounded skin, Eye-care, Tympanitis cure water, Tooth paste, Bandage, Antimicrobial ointment
2. Textiles Underwears, Socks, Shirts, Sweater, Sportswear, Uniforms for worker, Patient’s garments, Masks, Bed sheet, Carpet, Blanket, Mattress, Curtains, Yarn, fabrics, non-woven fabrics
3. Cosmetics Skin Lotion, Essence, Eye cream, Nutrition cream, Lipstick, Plastic bottles & container for cosmetics
4. Sanitary products Water tissue, Sanitary napkins, Diapers, baby’s bottle for milk, Detergent, Deodorizer (sink, bathroom, automobile, carpet, mat, food waste, pet), Deodorizer for organic chemicals, antimicrobial products & antiseptic replacement
5. Home applications Kitchen wear (Cleaner, Chopping board, Latex glove, Sponge/metal scrubber), Bathroom products (Tooth brush, Shower curtain, Toilet cover, Shampoo, rinse), Water bottle, Cup, Toys, Ceramic ware
6. Electronics Mobile phone’s case, Notebook housing, PC housing & keyboard, Water purifier. Refrigerator’s inner box, Aircleaner, Air conditioner, Vacuum cleaner, Washing m/c, Telephone and any other products for Antimicrobial, Electric Static Discharge, UV interception and Deodorizer
7. Construction Water tank (inside/outside), paints (interior/outdoor), Tile, Wall paper, Cement marbles (natural/artificial), Flooring materials, Bathtub, Silicone finishing materials, VOCs protection materials & any other products for antimicrobial
8. Agriculture Soil Antimicrobial, Substitute technology and products for Agriculture chemicals, Antimicrobial water, any other environment friendly products with Nano Silver
9. Aquaculture Antimicrobial water for fish incubation, Antimicrobial products for assorted feed, Antimicrobial water for fish farm, Antimicrobial sand and rocks for aquarium’s bottom-structure, and any other environment friendly products based on Nano Silver solution
10. Other industry Antimicrobial aluminum plate for Heat Exchanger, Antimicrobial Cooling-Tower, Antimicrobial pipe arrangement, Antimicrobial Filter and Sterilizing system, antimicrobial air ducts.