1. It is not an ION but a Metal with Nano Silver particle size of 1-10nm
NANOMIX is recognized as the smallest particle size as of today. We confirmed through TEM that particle size of transparent NANOMIX is 1nm-2nm
2. It has superior safety to human body as it doesnt have the negative ion of the nitric acid -radical (NO3-) or minimized
It is our understanding that other Nano Material companies that market Nano-Silver is using the raw materials of the Nitrate of Silver (AgNO3). It is being sold without removing the negative ion of the nitric acid -radical (NO3-).
Furthermore, other companies are using Nano-Silver for plastic applications, use ethanol as a solvent, which is almost unable to remove the negative ion of the nitric acid -radical (NO3-). NANOPOLY has successfully overcome these obstacles.
3. Superior Heat-Resistance
The main reason why the Silver couldnt be used widely until now even though it has superior antimicrobial effects was because of that it had weak heat -resistance, was easily oxidized and changed the color into black. However, NANOMIX has been proved not to change its characters and colors even at 1,200 degree C (2,200) or higher.
is highly recommended for enamel for ceramic ware.
4. Superior Durability
Most other Nano silver producers while they provide antimicrobial effects, the strength becomes weaker with time. However, NANOMIX provides longer durability and higher energy since it maximizes the effective surface area of the particles.
5. Maximum effects with minimum quantity
Other Nano Silver producers use 62.5~250ppm to kill MRSA, NANOMIX needs only 5ppm(/) and takes 10minutes to kill 99.999%. (Approved by China Govt for Antimicrobial and Sterilizing Water)
6. Wider and Easier Application
NANOMIX has developed on the base of water, Ethanol and IPA in its solutions.
All have superior advantages and are widely applied for Plastics, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and many others applications. Further, NANOMIXcan be used with general Industrial water as well as Tab water for Textile application and the other.
7. No tolerance to microorganism
The microorganism builds up no tolerance to the NANOMIX. Instead, It has strong antimicrobial effects to kill more than 99% of MRSA bacteria within a minute.