Antimicrobial and Sterilizing mechanism Evidences
1. Antimicrobial and Sterilizing effects by Silver based on Delta plus Ion
It is estimated that the Silver combines strongly to the radical of the microorganism; '-SH','-COOH', '-OH' and it destroys the cell wall and disturbs the metabolism.
In general, it takes a few minutes to several hours to kill the microorganism. However, NANOMIX killed MRSA at the rate of more than 99% within 1 minute at 5ppm concentration. This suggests to us that the Delta plus Ion (Ag+) of Nano-Silver combined powerfully and immediately to the radical of microorganism ;
'-SH', '-COOH', '-OH', and it destroys cell wall and disturbs the metabolism.
2. Antimicrobial and Sterilizing function by activated oxygen : We estimate that, oxygen converts to activated oxygen (,, O) and shows sterilizing activation by catalytic activation of Nano-Silver

When the Oxygen (cohered oxygen, dissolved oxygen, etc) is converted to activated oxygen by catalytic activation of 'Ag delta plus Ion (Ag+)', its behavior becomes antimicrobial. Then, if Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is added to it, the antimicrobial effects disappear. This is the basis of our understanding

3. Antimicrobial and Sterilizing effects as Metal :
Differently from any other metal or general Silver, NANOMIX has its particle size of 1nm~10nm, and it can kill the bacteria effectively.

The surface-energy of metal-silver is called 'Delta plus Ion (Ag+)' and through combination with protein such as cell walls and enzymes, and obstruct the energy-replacement. And also in a point of metallic silver, it may be explained that silver transfers to inside the bacteria. Especially since the particle-size of NANOMIX is only 1nm to 10nm, when the bacteria intakes these, it then immediately dies. It is estimated that the bacteria metabolism-disorder is caused by the metallic surface- strong energy' the Delta Plus Ion (Ag+)'

1) The metal is not an ion, but when it is divided into nano-particles, it will be enlarged in the surface area, and the surface-energy to react on certain materials become more powerful at the same concentration. The surface-energy of metallic silver is so called Delta plus ion (Ag+)