(MICs of NANOMIX™ to Various microorganisms) (unit :㎍/㎖)
Microorganism Features NANOMIX™
(Water Base)
Escherichia coli Directly contaminate foods and beverages. This bacteria is a cause of diarrhea and enteritis through food poisoning. 5
Escherichia coli
It generates ‘velo toxin’ which makes blood discharge cause by toxic food. 5
Pseudomonas aeruginosa This bacterium is the cause of contamination for fish and shellfish to rot. Highly be infected with contaminated water and animal excrement. 5
Staphylococcus aureus It generates a toxin named ‘enterotoxin’ and becomes a cause of food-poisoning, and be attacked with many other disease including diarrhea 5
Non- spore forming
Bacillus subtilis
This causes milk and meat to rot 5
Salmonella typhimurium A factor of typhoid fever which is a legally designated an infectious disease. Easily infected from contaminated foods and water. It is characterized by such symptoms as Stomach pain, Vomiting, high fever, headache and paralyze.
(Methicillin Resistance S. aureus)
It is a bacterium resistant in hospital. The contamination rate of the interior of hospitals reaches over 20% by MRSA, there is no firm solution for decontamination. Latest reports describes such as after-effects as damage to the central nerves.
It is a kind of fungi that give rise to candida inflammation.
It is generated from contaminated food-materials or inferior manufacturing process.
It resists under condition that pH9.6 a temperature of 60℃ and heating for 30 minutes. It survives with edible salt of 6.5% and can be prevalent in frozen food, fishes, vegetables and meats.

* The values of above MICs are based on laboratory results and it can vary according to different from the characters of materials and its application process.