Nano Technology is the latest technology that makes new materials by controlling atoms and molecules of Nano meter size (1 Nano is 1 billionth of a meter).
Nano Technology is based on the scientific theory that atoms and molecules behave with different physical and electrical characteristics once its size approaches Nano dimensions in scale. This theory allows technologists and researchers to make new materials, com-ponents and machines based.
Historically, this technology was started by Richard Feynman (awarded Nobel prize for Physics in 1959) who mentioned on the possibility of controlling materials on an Atomic Level. This theory was followed by experimental physical results on quantum effects in microstructures during 60‘s  &  70‘s.  In 1981, IBM Switzerland further accelerated the technology, with their invention of microscopes with sub-atomic resolution. In 1990 in Japan, it was scientifically proven that information could be stored by atoms using Carbon Nanotubes.
In ancient Greece & Egypt, silver was prescribed to fight infections. By the 20th Century, antibiotics were center stage. Now however, many bacteria are forming higher resistances to antibiotics. Nano materials using silver has superior antimicrobial effects and it has been applied to many products. Technologies on the application, safety and its stability have been developed rapidly specially for Nano Silver Mobile phones, Nano Silver Washing machines, Nano Silver Refrigerators…. Many companies around the world are engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of Nano Technologies. At the forefront of these companies has been NANOPOLY.

NANOPOLY has achieved many major technological and commercial breakthroughs through focused research on deploying effective application engineering techniques. NANOPOLY has achieved the world first official license from the China Government for Antimicrobial/sterilization pharmaceuticals applicable to SARS, AI(Avian Influenza) and other virulent bacteria and virus infection. Such leading endorsement encourages NANOPOLY to continue to make further contributions in protecting the World from existing and future diseases.