Machinery and Facilities for Nano-materials and Products
Exhibit : Nano-Materials
Applied Products with Nano-materials
MOU Signing Ceremony
Nano-Bio Products
Antimicrobial Plastic Master-batch
Sterilizing Ceramic Ball for water
Disposable Sterilizing Spray for Woman
Approved Products by China Gov’t for Antimicrobial/Sterilizing Water
Deodorizing Spray
Deodorizing & Sterilizing Spray for Cars
Sterilizing Spray for Hairclipper/Comb
Sterilizing Water for Orchid
Nano Clean Soap(Ag/Se/Ge)
Chemical-free(without Preservative)
Wet tissue & Make up Remover
Antimicrobial Artificial Nail
Antimicrobial Toothbrush
Tear Stain Cleaner for Dog
(Animal Medicine)
Antimicrobial Toothpaste
Cosmetic & Implement
Antimicrobial Body-lotion
Antimicrobial Shampoo
Antimicrobial Body-Cleanser
Antimicrobial Febric
Antimicrobial Socks
Antimicrobial Polyester Fiber
Antimicrobial Polypropylene Fiber
Antimicrobial Nylon Cloth
Viscose Rayon Fiber with Function of Anti-microbial, Anti-fungus and Ultrared Ray Emission
Antimicrobial Water Filter
with Nanosilver treated
Antimicrobial Credit Card
Antimicrobial Plastic Products with Nanosilver Mixtured (Food Container/ Milk Bottles/ Juicer)
Antimicrobial & Transparent Water Tank
Antimicrobial Toilet Seat
Antimicrobial Food & Confectionery Tray
Antimicrobial Latex Groves
Antimicrobial Silicone
(Nipple/Toothbrush etc.)
Antimicrobial Mobile-Phone Case
with Nanosilver Painted
Antimicrobial Aluminium Plate
with Nanosilver Anodized
Sterilizing Air Handling Unit with Nanosilver Treated to Heat-Exchanging Aluminium Pin
Antimicrobial Artificial Marble
with Nanosilver Compounded
Antimicrobial Ceramic Paint
with Nanosilver and Nanoceramic
Antimicrobial Ceramic Ware
with Nanosilver Enameled
Antimicrobial Denture
Antimicrobial Insole
Egg contained Organic Germanium
Rice contained Organic Germanium/Selenium
Platinum Drink Water
(Sale at the Market in Japan)
Antimicrobial Pot Cleaner
with Nanosilver Coated